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Editing Windows Path from Command Prompt

November 12, 2017

When working with Unix-based systems you can permanently add a directory to your Path by editing your .bashrc or .bash_profile files. Windows doesn’t have either of these files. Luckily there are still a few options if you’re looking to edit your Path from the Windows Command Prompt.

How Run an ASP.NET Website on Your Local IIS Server

November 10, 2017

Developing ASP.NET applications with Visual Studio allows you to quickly and easily serve applications from your local machine. However, serving applications through Visual Studio isn’t always (or even usually) ideal. This guide explains how to run an ASP.NET web forms application from your local Windows IIS server using the IIS Manager.

WordPress Site Migrations Made Easy

August 19, 2017

If you’ve ever migrated a WordPress site then you have a good idea of the challenges that can arise. WordPress provides a default tool for importing and exporting site content but the tool is flaky at best. Luckily there’s a plugin the succeeds where the default WordPress import/export tool fails: All in One WP Migration.

Robomongo Now Supports Replica Sets

April 25, 2017

Robomongo is a graphical user interface for managing Mongo databases. Traditionally it has been difficult to manage MongoDB replica sets with Robomongo. However, the official release of Robomongo 1.0 last week provides a number of new features.

AWS EC2 Explained

March 25, 2017

EC2 offers tremendous power and flexibility, but learning the lingo can be a hurdle to newcomers. Here’s a quick breakdown of EC2 tools and terms.

Migrating AWS EC2 Database to MongoDB Atlas

November 11, 2016 ,

June saw the release of MongoDB Atlas, a MongoDB hosting service built by the makers of MongoDB itself. This “database as a service” has some pretty cool out-of-the-box benefits. Luckily, migrating replica sets from AWS EC2 instances isn’t too hard.